Vendor City Discount Mall LLC

537 S Reed Road, Kokomo Indiana 46901

(765) 450-7374


Offering the lowest % cut in the Kokomo Area, come get "On cosignment" with us!

Don't be scare to visit us over our Antiques! Our Clean Booth Spaces makes our store family friendly. So bring your kids and have fun!

Flea Market

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Vendors, here you can sign on anytime, day or night, and keep up with your sales!

With Stock, Description, Dates, and Prices!

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We offer a wide variety of New, Used, Antiques, Furniture, Clothing, Toys, E-Cigs, Name Brand Scents, and much more.

Open 7 Days A Week.

Monday-Saturday 10Am til' 8Pm

Wednesday 10Am til' 6Pm

Sunday Noon til' 6Pm

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